Our mission is to connect talent with the right people and the right path. Founded on integrity and authenticity, we always put people before profit and continually strive for excellence. Our goal is to help clients develop their craft, understand the industry, and position themselves for success. Ready… Set… Launch!

READY:  Prepare for action

Train, train, train, and then train some more! Everyone wants an opportunity, but if you’re not prepared, that opportunity quickly becomes a detriment. Mastering your craft is the first step to becoming a successful actor, and if it’s overlooked, you stand little to no chance of success. Catapult provides a variety of workshops, classes, coachings, and consultations to train and develop your craft at a professional level within the TV/Film industry.

SET Position for use

All too often, incredibly talented actors are overlooked because they don’t understand the business of Show Business. Being a good actor simply isn’t good enough, you also have to be an educated entrepreneur. Whether it’s understanding industry perspectives, learning to leverage your resources, or developing your brand, Catapult aims to arm actors with the tools and insight they need to navigate the entertainment industry.

LAUNCH:  Propel forward

Ok, so you’re mastering your craft and expanding your business knowledge, but now what? Now you need a strategy to execute. Having a clear direction and establishing definitive goals places you in the strongest position for success. From LA Pro Workshops to Private Industry Consultations, Catapult gives talent the tools, training, and know-how needed to launch themselves toward a successful career path in the entertainment industry.


In an industry where it’s all about WHO and WHAT you know, two of the most difficult questions for talent to answer are “Where do I go to learn?” and “Who can I trust to guide me?” At Catapult, our goal is to become the Southeast’s go-to answer for both of these questions.