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The Active Interrogation with John D’Aquino

Many actors are looking for the magic bullet that will help them land roles. While there may not be one definitive acting method that guarantees bookings, there are techniques that can be applied, no matter what your training background is, that will help you connect with your scene partner and deliver compelling performances. That is exactly what John…read more

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Branden Likes Us…Do You?

So if you all agree with our intern Branden on our 5-star quality work with audition tapings, workshops and even our industry consultations be sure to Google us and give us a Google review right HERE. Be as open as you want, from the adorable Georgia (The unofficial Catapult mascot, aka Erik Lingvall’s dog), to our cool new Catapult lounge, or even our awesome staff! But seriously, no matter what you review us on just make sure you use the Google review page to do so!

We’re Not Your Babysitter

Catapult The Babysitters or Catapult The Acting Studio?

Yeah, I have to go with the acting studio on this one. The point that your friendly neighborhood acting coach Erik Lingvall is trying to make is that “we [acting coaches] can only do so much with what you bring into the room”. I mean yeah, it makes sense: acting coaches shouldn’t be more prepared than the actor for the ACTOR’S audition. Sure things happen and may get in the way, but just remember that in order to have productivity you need proactivity first. You want to be successful in this entertainment industry? It takes 110%.

Take it from someone who’s been in the acting business in both LA and the Southeast for over 15 years… I think Lingvall might have something with this one. Perhaps the key message here is that “we all want the juice, but few of us are willing to put in the squeeze and the juice is worth the squeeze”. But seriously though, it’s not just Erik being funny; acting coach Marci Liroff feels that being prepared for auditions and tapings are key. Liroff says in her Backstage Magazine article  that “[She] was largely impressed by everyone’s preparation. You could tell they’d put a lot of work into it—not just by learning the lines but by making bold and exciting choices for the character.” Both acting coaches stress the importance of being prepared through proactivity in order to achieve the end result which is booking a major gig. Don’t be afraid to take that extra step, after all YOU the actor have to want this.

Just remember it’s the little things that make things smoother because at the end of the day “you have to want this and have the drive so that [acting coaches] can help you get to that next level” So with that being said, no more babysitting! If it’s copies of scripts you need make sure you have those, acting agency information or even a change of clothes- make sure you put in the ‘squeeze’ actors.