Launching My Internship at Catapult

By Branden D. Tatum

A 10-hour drive from Missouri to Georgia? Man, I had no idea that the long drive would be this rewarding.

Rewind a few weeks back, and I’m extensively researching ‘entertainment jobs in Atlanta’.  I knew that some films and TV shows were being shot here. In fact, some of my favorite movies of the year were being shot in my new back yard- Captain America, Spider-Man and Fast 8!?! Being a part of such an exuberant media-related city was essential to my future goals within the industry. Through my search results, I came to realize that Georgia is one of the biggest film and entertainment capitals in the US, and the number one place in the world to be a filmmaker, according to and

Skip ahead a few weeks and I find myself being selected out of hundreds of applicants as one of Catapult’s Acting’s newest interns. Catapult is a full service training studio for actors, with a focus on acting workshops, acting classes, private on camera coaching, audition taping and industry consultations. They are one of the most well respected and fasted growing acting schools in Atlanta. With the studios being a fresh addition to the most poppin’ industry in the south (or in the US some may say) I definitely understand why the company’s founder, Erik Lingvall (Winner of Backstage Magazine’s Readers’ Choice for Favorite Acting Coach) decided to make that move across the country from LA to what some are calling the Hollywood of the South, Atlanta, GA.

Here I am at the start of my internship, immersing myself in the acting industry and working with hands down the coolest staff in town.

Some may ask if the 10-hour drive was worth it…hecky yeah it was worth every minute of the drive (and the gas). HELLLOOO Georgia!

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