Summer Camp Catapult | July

This is our JULY Camp Catapult. Our JUNE Camp Catapult filled quickly so we added a second camp in July. If the dates below do not work for you and you’d like to be added to our June Camp Waitlist, please do-so HERE.

What is Camp Catapult? Camp Catapult is Catapult Acting’s signature event that combines rigorous intensive scene study instructed by award-winning coaches with first-person industry perspective. This 5 day intensive covers every single aspect of the audition process. In addition to being instructed by our wonderful, challenging coaches, actors will receive instruction from a different industry pro each day ranging from Agents to Managers to Casting Directors to Directors and More. Everything you ever needed for auditioning. Right here.

NOTE: This is an AUDITION/REFERRAL/APPROVAL camp. This camp is NOT for the hobbyist. Experience is not important but rather willingness to challenge one’s self.

Date: July 9th-13th | Time: 10am – 5pm | Capacity: 24 |Ages: 8-17 | Investment: $695


Camp Details…

July 9th – PRE-PREPARATIONTop Working Actor

  • Know the genre
  • Know the director & their work
  • Know the network

July 10th – SCENE PREPTop Acting Coach

  • Creating a compelling character
  • What is your objective?
  • Who are you? What do you want? Why do you want it?

July 11th – WORK THE SCRIPTTop Talent Agent

  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

July 12th – THE TAPED AUDITIONTop Casting Director

  • Maximize your tape
  • Learn proper eyeline
  • Experiment with the 4th wall

July 13th – THE CALLBACKTop Director

  • Execute your scene in front of Top Director like a real callback
  • Q & A with Casting Director

*DISCLAIMER: DEAR ACTOR, Please note that this class, as with all of our others, is specifically designed to educate and train, NOT to get you representation or guaranteed employment.