Audition Taping

Atlanta Audition Taping/Self-Taping Services


95% of auditions for Atlanta actors are taped submissions. With Casting Directors having to compare hundreds of submissions every day, it is CRUCIAL to have the highest quality audition taping. At Catapult, that’s exactly what we deliver. We’ve got multiple backdrops, multiple male or female readers/coaches, a variety of lighting options, all to ensure we deliver an audition tape of the highest quality to you.


Why Tape With Catapult?

Professional Setup

• Canon DSLR w/ 40mm or 50mm Prime lens
• External RODE microphone for clean audio
• Combination of Natural & Studio lighting

Readers who are experienced actors or coaches

No hassle processing and delivery of audition

We don’t settle for mediocrity. Ever.


Taping vs. Coaching

Taping includes recording the actor while he/she performs their audition, but does not include creative direction (you will still receive technical direction to ensure that your taping is the highest quality). Coaching on the other hand, which can be combined with taping, includes creative direction from one of our acting coaches.