April Billingsley – Last Vegas, Resurrection, The Walking Dead


“Not only does Erik have this amazing ability to see the potential in every performer and to bring it out in a supportive and loving way. But, he always gives you his best and expects the best out of you. That’s what makes him a great teacher. I don’t believe that you can get a better quality self tape in Atlanta than you can with Erik Lingvall. That’s just the truth. When it comes to the big auditions, he’s always my first choice. He has a wonderful eye and he works with you to get your best work on tape. I booked my top of show role recurring role on Resurrection from a tape I did with him.”


Drew Van Acker – Pretty Little Liars, Training Day, Devious Maids


“Finding Erik was a blessing. He truly gets the best out of you as an actor and I think the quality of his work shows that.”three


Allison Hunter (parent of Elizabeth) – The Jersey Boys, Nashville, MTV’s Finding Carter

liz“After meeting Erik, Elizabeth signed with two agents and a manager in LA, and has been working consistently on commercials, tv, print and film. Elizabeth absolutely would not be where she is without Erik and his acting camp. For me, the most exciting thing has been to see Elizabeth’s confidence grow in leaps and bounds since meeting Erik. The shy little girl who was afraid to sing karaoke is now fearless. That carries over into auditions, which has led to her booking jobs! However, it’s not just great for acting – it will benefit her in every area of her life, whether she continues acting as an adult or not. Erik’s positive energy and outlook on life is contagious, and I’m so thankful that he helped Elizabeth learn that dedication and hard work can also be a lot of FUN!”


Craig Gross (parent of Nolan) – NOAH, Terminator: Gensiys

“Erik KNOWS the people in this business and can see this industry from a kids/ parents point of view. He is not only part of your team, but can help you build that team. If you have a chance to work with Erik for a week, a weekend or several weekends, do it. It is worth the investment. You’re not going to find someone else who is as passionate about helping actors succeed.”




Deborah Dion – Casting Director: Charlie & Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland

“In the world of child actors and their parents, one rarely finds an Erik. His warm dedication to those who want to travel down the path to professional acting is unsurpassed. Rarely have I met someone who cares so much. Erik has a great understanding of the arduous journey parents must take as well – he educates them with respect and guides them with all the knowledge he has garnered from his work and from his interactions with the professionals who are in the trenches. You are in good hands!”

Jami Rudofsky – Casting Director for Gilmore Girls, Masters of Sex

gil“I have had the privilege of working with Erik Lingvall for a few years with The Acting Camp. What keeps me coming back is Erik’s endless enthusiasm for and knowledge about the business. Aside from pulling from his own experiences, he has access to so many resources in the industry and is constantly working to gain the knowledge necessary to guide talent in the right direction. Erik Lingvall is a down to earth person and someone to trust when you are trying to navigate this overwhelming business. And having been in this business for almost 20 years, someone like Erik is the guy you want in your corner.”



Jackie Burch – Casting Director: Hunger Games, Iron Man, Die Hard, The Breakfast Club

Jackie Burch Casting
“Erik Lingvall and his team at Catapult Acting provide a great service for actors. I book a lot of their talent.”



Shari (parent of Blake Cooper) – The Mazer Runner, The Late Bloomer

maze“By being affiliated with Erik, you will raise the bar for your own child. He is a tireless worker that refuses to accept limitations being placed on himself and/or his students and their parents. Since making Erik a significant part of our team, Blake has gained skills, confidence, and exposure. He has also secured a wonderful agent and booked roles for film and TV!”


Stella Alex – The Savage Agency (Los Angeles)

savs“In this industry we are surrounded by all types of people…every once in a while you come across someone who truly believes, lives and loves what he does and the people he works with. I have had the pleasure of seeing Erik Lingvall in action. Rarely do you get to see someone who has as much energy and interest in each and every person he works with. He truly loves what he does, cares so much, and it shows in his work.”


Susan G Reid – Atlanta Models & Talent

amt“Erik Lingvall is a connector of people connoisseur. Catapult Acting is one of the best resources for training and information in the Southeast, and Erik’s approach is fully committed and joyful. He loves what he does!”