Actor Testimonials


Actions speak louder than words, and actors speak louder than actions! We’re proud to have teamed up with some phenomenally talented working actors that are well on their way to success, and we’d like to think we had something to do with that. As much as we’d love to go down the awkward road of tooting our own horn, fortunately they’re willing to do it for us.

Additional Testimonials

“Erik KNOWS the people in this business and can see this industry from a kids/parents point of view. He is not only part of your team, but can help you build that team. If you have a chance to work with Erik for a week, a weekend or several weekends, do it. It is worth the investment. You’re not going to find someone else who is as passionate about helping kids succeed.”

Craig Gross, parent of Nolan Gross (NOAH, Terminator: Genisys)


“By being affiliated with Erik, you will raise the bar for your own child. He is a tireless worker that refuses to accept limitations being placed on himself and/or his students and their parents. Since making Erik a significant part of our team, Blake has gained skills, confidence, and exposure. He has also secured a wonderful agent and booked roles for film and TV!”

Shari, parent of Blake Cooper (The Maze Runner)


“Erik’s been an instrumental part of Bryson’s success. The relationship that we have built with him is simply priceless. Erik genuinely cares! He’s helped us with everything that we have had questions about. We never thought that Bryson would be where he is today in 9 months… but he is and we owe it all to Erik Lingvall… a wonderful, amazing, knowledgeable caring guy!”

Cynthia Keyser, parent of Bryson Keyser (Young Jared in TNT’s Franklin & Bash)


“Of all of the workshops we have participated in, the Performer2Pro was the most helpful and gave our family the information needed to begin our journey into the industry”

Melinda Willis, proud parent of Cael


“This class is a MUST for parents of kids who are serious about getting their careers off the ground.”

Sharla Calloway, parent of Alex Calloway, (Dog With a Blog, Short Term 12)